The machine 3V is a Desktop SMT Pick and Place Machine. It features Dual Head, 46 Feeder slots, Vision System and Flexible PCB Positioning System, which is suitable for Batch Production with stable performance and affordable price.


Completely Windows OS based Control System
Vibrating Feeder for Tube / Stick Packages
46nos of Feeder Bank Device (Left and Back)
Advanced PCB Positioning & Direct IC Tray Option
Down looking Camera for PCB Positioning
High Speed Vision Camera System

Technical Parameters

Model : NeoDen 3V
Machine Style : Single Gantry with 2 Heads
Alignment : Stage Vision
Palcement Rate : Vision ON: 3500 CPH, Vision OFF: 5000 CPH
Feeder Capacity : Tape Feeder 46 (all 8mm), Tube/Stick Vibrating Feeder 5nos, Tray Feeder 10nos.
Component Range : Smallest Size: 0402 (01005 inch), Largest Size: TQFP100 (Pitch 0.5mm), Max. Height: 5mm
Rotation : ±180 degree
Placement Accuracy : ±0.02mm
Numbers of Pumps : 3
Board Dimension (mm) : Maximum: 320 x 390mm
Operating System : Windows XP-NOVA
Electricity Supply : 110/220 VAC, 200W
External Dimensions (mm) : 820(L) x 650(W) x 410(H)
Net Weight : 55Kgs

Product Video