NeoDen IN6 provides effective reflow soldering for PCB manufacturers.

The table-top design of the product makes it a perfect solution for production lines with versatile requirements. It is designed with internal automation that helps operators provide streamlined soldering.

The new model has bypassed the need for a tubular heater, which provides even temperature distribution throughout the reflow oven. By soldering PCBs in even convection, all components are heated at the same rate.

Temperature can be controlled with extreme accuracy—users can pinpoint heat within 0.2°C.

An internal temperature sensor ensures full control of the heating chamber and can reach optimal temperatures in as little as fifteen minutes.

The design implements an aluminum alloy heating plate that increases the energy-efficiency of the system. The internal smoke filtering system improves the product’s performance and reduces harmful output, too.

Working files are storable within the oven, and both Celsius and Fahrenheit formats are available to users. The oven uses a 110/220V AC power source and has a gross weight (G1) of 57kg.

The NeoDen IN6 is built with an aluminum alloy heating chamber.


Fully Convection Type (Hot Air Only)
Biult-in Soldering Smoke Filtering System
Full Color Touch Screen
Use Nichrome wire and Aluminum Alloy to achieve well proportioned heating
Real time inspection of temperature with help of temperature sensor
Dynamic Warning-up Control ensuring stable temperatures and virtually no overshoot
No infrared heater, the whole heating chamber is uniformly heated, an built with all aluminum alloy material
Graphic display mode for viewing temperature on a time base
2 Pre-heat and 1 Reflow zone
Stainless steel spring wires conveyor belt
Bottom cooling fans at offload section

Technical Parameters

Zone : 6 Zone (Top 3 and Bottom 3)
Conveyor Speed : 15-60 cm/min (6 - 23 inch/min)
Temperature Max : up to 300°C for RoHS (Lead free)
Clarence of Assemblies : up to 30mm (1.2 inch)
Soldering Width : 260mm (10 inch)
Length of Process Chamber : 680mm (26.8 inch)
Heat-up Time : 15 min approx.
Power Requirements : 110/220VAC -Single Phase
Rated Power Max : 2000 Watts
Dimensions : 1020 x 507 x 350 mm (L x W x H)
Net Weight : 60 Kg

Product Video