ChipMax Proudly Introduces the 7th Generation High Speed SMT Pick & Place Machine from NeoDen. It features 6 Heads, 64 Feeders, Highly Intelligent Flying Vision System.


6 High Speed Heads ensure the best Production Efficiency and Accuracy of various Components.
Wide range of components including 0402, LED, BGA,0.4mm pitch QFP, SMT Connectors
Each Heads equipped with vision Alignment Camera for High Accuracy
Digital Flight Alignment Technology to deal High Speed Identification of Components
Latest Servo Drive System improves Speed and Stability.
Light Weight Head within 5Kg Reduces wear.
Support cut tape, loose, tube, or Tray feeders

Technical Parameters

Number of Heads : 6 nos
Mount speed : 18,000 CPH
XY Resolution : 0.01mm
Number of Stacks : 64 Pneumatic Feeders
Air Source Pressure : 0.6MP/8bar
Component Range : Max 40mm x 40mm, Pitch 0.4mm Max Height 10mm
Moun : 0-360°
Placement Area : 630mmx300mm(1200mm Optional)
CHIP mounting Range : 0402-1210 Specification
Power Supply : 220VAC, 500W Single Phase
Net Weight : 280KG
Gross Weight : 320KG
Dimension : L1420mm x W1220mm x H1665mm