SP-2545 is a semi automatic solder paste printer controlled by PLC. This machine is similar to the full automatic printing machine, the scraper can freely move up and down and automatically adjust the level with stencil. But the alignment and loading of PCBs has to be done by manually.


PLC and HMI Controlled System to ensure working stabilized & reliable
Supports up to 1200mm PCBs
High Rigidity structure and linear rails ensure the stability and precision of printing.
This printer can automatically set the running parameters to comport with all kind of products and get best performance according to different characteristic of glue and solder paste.
Flexible arming base with the arms can be adjusted toward right or left to match different size of PCB
The printing knife can be rotated 45c upward then fixed to convenient for the clean & replace of knife and stencils. Calibration method is to use the movement of stencil to match with X, Y, Z of printing base

Technical Parameters

Worktable Size : 320x1250mm
Frame Size : 550x1480mm
PCB Size : 300x1220mm
Packing size : L1650xW680xH1200mm
G.W : 270Kgs

Product Video