Smart touch screen PCB welding machine T961S six heating zones SMT infrared conveyor Reflow Oven


This machine selects the IR and hot air heating technology
This machine is equipped with the crawler-type and six temperature zone heating systems
Intelligent temperature wave heating type, oversized capacity wave selection, have eight temperature waves can satisfy various welding technological requirements
Use programmable technology, preset the temperature wave memory storage function
Use PID intelligent temperature control technology
The transmission system adopts stepping motor and stepping motor driver
Adopt independent wheel structure and special stainless steel strut
Independent cooling zone, to ensure the PCB board of low temperature when the required
The machine adopts advanced touch screen control technology
Ergonomic design, practical and easily operated

Technical Parameters

The Heating Zone Quantity : Upper 4/Down 2
The Length of the Heating Zone : 1000mm
The Heating Type : IR and Hot Air Heating
The Cooling Zone Quantity : 1
Maximum width of PCB Board : 350mm
The Operation Direction : Left to Right
Delivery Options : Net Transmission + Chain Transmission
The Speed of Conveyor Belt : 0-600mm/min
The Power Supply : 3 Phase 5 Lines 220VAC/380VAC
Peak Power : 11KW(220/380VAC) 50/50Hz
Average Power : 6.5KW(220/380VAC) 50/50Hz
Heating up Time : Around 20mins
Temperature Control Range : Room Temperature~300 C
Temperature Control Mode : PID Closed-Loop Control
Temperature Control Accuracy : ±1°C
PCB Temperature Distribution Deviation : ±2°C
Overall Dimensions : 1520mm X 694mm X 567mm
Package Dimensions : 1600mm X 830mm X 700mm
Net Weight : 110KGs
Gross weight : 160KGs