ChipMax Proudly Introduces the latest version of PCB Prototyping Machine CMPCBM-01 which is a unique solution to Design and Develop Prototype PCBs in the Electronic Laboratory without the use of any toxic chemicals. The CMPCBM-01 is the best choice for your PCB Lab to design and develop Prototype PCBs.

Technical Parameters

Working Area : 330mm x 220mm
Min Drill Hole Size : 0.3mm
Min Cutting Trace/Space : 0.1mm (4mil)
X/Y Travel Speed : 60mm/sec (Max)
Spindle Speed (RPM) : 25000
Spindle Motor : Brushless Motor
Machine Base : Cast Aluminium
Tool Change : Manual Change
Tool Holder : 2mm, 3mm
X/Y Drive : Stepper Motor
Dimensions (W x H x D) : 395mm x 330mm x 375mm
Weight : 20Kg
Power Consumption : 220VAC, 50Hz