NeoDen independent Linux software, to ensure the flexible and independent upgrading as well as easier operation and faster training.
Independent control of 6 placement heads and Equips Panasonic 400W servo motor, to ensure better torque and acceleration.
Supports both electric feeder and pneumatic feeders. Automatic track handling and equips with patented sensor technology.
The screw used in the machine is a C5 precision ground screw, with an accuracy of 0.018mm and Equips with the magnetic scale technology.
The self-developed flying camera recognition system uses imported CMOS sensor.
The front and rear feeder stacks are equipped with thru-beam sensors.

Technical Parameters

Model : NeoDen N9
Placement Head Gantry : 6 Nozzles Head
Vision Alignment : Flying Vision
Maximum Placement Rate : 14000CPH
Maximum Placement Rate : 9000CPH
Feeder Capacity : 53x Tape / Reel (8mm)
Minimum Component Size : 0201
Maximum Component Size : 1.57" (40mm) Square Body
Max. Component Height : (Nozzle Z-Axis Max Travel) 0.629" (16mm)
Placement Accuracy : ±10um
Motion Feedback Control : (Right-Left) / (Left-Right) SPM/IBG
Compressed Air : >0.6MPa, max-flow-rate 37L/min | Oil Free
Supported Reel Size : Tape/Reel (Electric/Pneumatic), Vibration Tube, Waffle Tray
Cut Reel Feeder : Stack 8mm to 44mm size
Max. Board Dimension : 17.1" x 11.8" (460mm x 300mm) | Possible lengths up to 800mm
X axis Drive Type : WON Linear Guide / TBI Grinding screw C5 - 1632
Y axis Drive Type : WON Linear Guide / TBI Grinding screw C5 - 1632
Control System : Closed Loop Servo
Electricity Supply : 220VAC, 500W
Type of Feeders : Pneumatic + Electrical
Type of Feeders : Panasonic Servo Motor A6
Vibrating Feeder : Selectable
Decibel Rating : 55-60 dB (μV/m) at 10m
Machine Dimension : (L*W*H) 48" x 31.5" x 53" (1220mm x 800mm x 1350mm)
Packaged Dimensions : (L*W*H) 57" x 48" x 66" (1450mm x 1220mm x 1675mm)
System Weight : 1100lbs (500kgs)
Packaged Weight : 1200lbs (550kgs)

Product Video