NeoDen YY1

NeoDen YY1 is a Low-Cost Desktop SMT Mounter with Two Nozzle and Three Auto nozzle changer Option, 103 Feeder Location, Dual camera Vision system, High Accuracy placement, Loose, Cut Tape component Pickup.

Machine is Having a very User-Friendly GUI with which reduces the Learning curve of the software, and the user can master it in few Hours. NeoDen YY1 is very well suited for R&D institutions, small scale Production Units, Hobbyists, who will be having various circuits to assemble with loose/cut tape /Strip components in hand. Considering the work ability factor on the machine it gives a very flexible nature of mounting the PCB for job, user can fix the PCB anywhere on the working bed, unlike similar machines which have dedicated Set Zero point.

NeoDen YY1 is a Powerful Mounting machine with the use of Latest Cortex MCU Engine and the very new technology Drive Systems, Pneumatics, Component reel movement, Image Capture and Recognition.


Ultra-Fast & Easy Programming Touch User Interface
Auto Nozzle Changer
High Speed HD Camera
Reel Feeder Magazines
Dual Head with Vacuum Indication
Loose Component Tray
Linear Needle Module
Stick Vibrating Feeder

Technical Parameters

Model Number : NeoDen YY1
Machine Style : Single Gantry With 2 Heads
Alignment : Vision & Vacuum
Average Placement Rate : 3000CPH (Vision ON)
Maximum Placement Rate : 4000CPH (Vision OFF)
Tape Feeder Capacity : 52 (all 8mm)
Stick Feeder Capacity : 4
Flexible Feeder Capacity : 28
Bulk Feeder Capacity : 19
Nozzle Change Capacity : 3 Nozzles
Component Range : 0201 & (18x18) mm
Max Height : 12mm
Rotation : ±180°
Placement Accuracy : ±0.02mm
X-Y Repeatability : ±0.02mm
Z-axis Max Movement Range : 28mm
PCB Applicable Dimension(mm) : 249 x 350(dual sides tape feeder) 315 x 350(single side tape feeder)
Electricity Supply : AC-240V
Software System : NeoDen Proprietary Software
Control System : Artificial Intelligence Integrated Controller Board
Drives System : Stepper Motor
Positioning System : Fiducial Mark
PCB Handling : Manual PCB Loading/Unloading
Power : 50W
Machine Dimensions(mm) : 643(L)x554(W)x601(H)
Packing Size : 700(L)x610(W)x595(H)(wooden box)

Product Video