NeoDen IN12

IN12 is a newly designed and manufactured reflow oven by NeoDen Tech. It has 12 temperature zones, unique heating module design, intelligent control system, built-in welding smoke filtering system, which makes it intelligent, innovative, compact and high-performance.


Built-in welding smoke filtering system, effective filtration of harmful gases, elegant appearance and eco-friendly, more in line with the high-end use environment.
The control system has features of high integration, timely response, low failure rate and convenient maintenance.
The unique design of heating module has the characteristics of high temperature control accuracy, uniform temperature distribution in the thermal compensation area, high thermal compensation efficiency and low power consumption.
Hot air convection, excellent soldering performance.
High-performance aluminum alloy heating plate instead of heating pipe, both energy-saving and high-efficient, and transverse temperature deviation is significantly reduced comparison to the similar reflow oven products in the market.
Heat insulation protection design, the casing temperature can be effectively controlled.
Smart control with high sensitivity temperature sensor, the temperature can be effectively stabilized.
Intelligent, the custom developed intelligent control system, easy to use and powerful.
Professional and unique 4-way board surface temperature monitoring system, can give timely and comprehensive data feedback in actual operation, which can effectively cope with any complex electronic products.
40 working files can be stored for an easy loading during the working process.
PCB soldering temperature curve can be displayed based on real-time measurement.
Lightweight, miniaturization, professional industrial design, flexible application site, more user-friendly.
Energy saving, low power consumption, low power supply requirements, the ordinary civil electricity can meet the use. Compared with similar products in the market, the electricity costs that this machine can save for you within one year, enables you to purchase your second IN12.

Technical Parameters

Model : IN12
Heating Zone Quantity : Upper6 / down6
Cooling Fan : Upper4
Controller : Computer
Transmission : Mesh chain drive
Heating Type : Nichrome wire and aluminum alloy heating
Conveyor Speed : 50~600 mm/min
Temperature Range : Room temperature~300℃
Temperature Accuracy : 1℃
PCB Temperature Deviation : ±2℃
Soldering Width (PCB Width) : 350mm
Length Process Chamber : 1354mm
Heat-up Time : 30 min
Standard Max Height (mm) : 35mm
Operation Direction : left→right
Electricity Supply : AC 220v/380v single phase
Starting Power : 2.4kw~4.8kw (Adjustable)
Working Power : approx. 2kw
Machine Size : 2300mm(L)×650mm(W)×1280mm(H)
Net Weight : 300kg

Product Video