Crawler-type structure matched with Eight Heating Zones can make inside temperature more accurate, support almost all kinds of PCBs, have more heating/cooling time to ensure more good soldering performance.
Using AC motor to drive the conveyor belt and chain type transmission way. Speed adjustment is controlled by automatic electronic analog switch, which sensitivity no more than 1 degree, control accuracy 10mm/min.
Power supply support both single Phase (220VAC) and Three Phase (380VAC).
Cooling fan: Mainly to cool the welded PCB or cool the heat parts inside machine to guarantee their good work.
Signal lights: Monitor the work condition of the machine, that is, signal lights indicate the temperature of the machine in normal and abnormal working state.
Emergency Stop Button - Support Abnormal Shutdown during break down situation.
Easily to build a Complete Automatic SMT Production Line by adjusting the height of the Working Table.

Technical Parameters

Model No : T8L
No.of Heating Zones : 8
Peak Power (KW) : 12
Working Power (KW) : 5
Input Voltage (VAC) : 220/380
Conveyor Width (mm) : 300
Standard Max. Height (mm) : 20
Customized Max Height (mm) : 55
Max Speed of Conveyor (mm/m) : 1200
Machine Dimensions (mm) : 2100*70*1280 (L*B*H)
Packing Dimensions (mm) : 2200*800*1280 (L*B*H)
Gross Weight (KG) : 300

Product Video