Desktop Reflow Oven T937M is a Lead-free (RoHS) Reflow Soldering Station with PC connectivity.


This oven solder lead free paste (RoHS) very well.
This oven can connect with PC, easy to input/set/transmit/adjust/save/manage wave data.
Many kinds wave input style in control software, easy to set wave.
The control software is with graphical display, display the wave intuitively.
Adopt stable and high-speed MCU and advanced intelligent temperature measurement technology, temperature in the oven is very stable, exact and even.
Friendly human-machine operation interface, perfect LCD display, very easy to operate.
Thermostatic timer function.
Add the compensation circuit, make the oven temperature keep stable from different environment.

Technical Parameters

Soldering Area : 350mmX400mm
Dimension : 473mmX466mmX290mm
Net. Weight : 20.7kg
Voltage/Frequency : AC220~230V/50~60Hz
Power Rating : 3300W
Cycle Time : 2~16 min
Temp Range : Room Temp ~350℃

Product Video